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Re-Thinking Recruitment

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Tips to Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy

Just because the world is on lockdown, your recruitment efforts don’t have to be! There are several ways that companies and leaders can continue seeking top talent for their brand and company to help with exponential growth. However, recruitment will need to be redefined. What do we mean by this? Here are 5 Recruitment Tips under the ‘new world’ to implement in your workplace today.

1. Virtual Is The Way Forward:

As we have seen, we can’t always rely on in-person interviews as an avenue to seek further information regarding the qualifications of a potential candidate. If your organization hasn’t already, it’s important to do research around platforms, applicant tracking systems (such as JobVite) and software applications that may support virtual interviews and provide enhanced features to best support your decision-making. Of course, when taking this virtual leap forward, it is important that your company also takes the time to ensure employee and candidate privacy is prioritized and protected under all circumstances.

2. Why Is There A Gap In Your Resume?

Let’s be real, this is an old school thought that some leaders may come to when screening and shortlisting resumes. However, the climate today definitely requires that lack of relevant work experience and gaps in employment are strongly overlooked. With many employees now out of the workforce and others struggling to return as they cope with an ongoing detrimental impact to their emotional and mental well-being, a candidate does not owe any explanations around why they may have a gap in their employment. It is important that leaders actively train around these common perceptions and come to a deeper understanding to avoid deriving conclusions in relation to an employee’s resume.

3. Retention And Recruitment Go Hand In Hand

Retention and talent management is a big part of your workplace recruitment strategy. What has your company done to support current employees and how will these efforts attract the right talent moving forward for your brand? It will be important that your organization is prepared to answer questions regarding what they were pro-actively doing to retain company talent and provision against any lay-off measures where applicable. Your value for your current employees will paint a clear picture for your future employees and is a great way to strengthen the employer branding strategy for your business.

4. Broaden the Talent Pool!

If there is anything we learn from a global pandemic, it is that there is an immense global talent pool of skillsets that can be tapped into when coping through crisis mode. Whether it be calling on healthcare workers that have experience from countries outside of Canada, or an E-Commerce Business Developer with minimal to no local experience. Providing opportunities to the global, entrepreneurial, business-driven community can go a long way. This talent pool can bring ideas forward from markets across the world and it can go a long way in bringing diversity, engagement and productivity to your business.

5. Review And Redesign Job Descriptions

The world is quickly evolving to require skills that support and complement the needs of working under a global pandemic. This includes more efforts to rely on technology, digital skills, and tools to modernize and keep up with the 2020 ways of working. It is important to have a workforce that is equipped with these skills as a part of their job description so that expectations have been set from the start. During the interview process, take the time to inform candidates on work-from-home initiatives as well as any Employee Assistance Programs that may be active to support employee health and well-being as a priority and part of their onboarding. These conversations will go a long way in building a pro-active future for your business.

Happy recruiting! Please feel free to share some of your own recruitment DO’s and DON’Ts in the comments section below!

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1 Comment

Alfie Solomons
Alfie Solomons
Oct 14, 2022

During a pandemic, recruiting is very important. Now the work has moved from the offices to each employee in the home, and a really important factor is the individual preparedness of each employee for such work. Software ( ) will help the staff and HR department find mutual understanding and achieve their goals.

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