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How to Navigate through the New Normal?

Whether it be ZOOM platform training, developing new workforce policies or educating your employees on CERB, EI and work-from-home best practices, BridgeHR will be your reliable resource to inform you of the quickly evolving legislation relevant to your business and industry. We will be your partner in keeping you updated and facilitating key business decisions during this changing climate. 

We understand that this may be a difficult time for yourself, many of your loved ones
and your business as a whole. As a result, we’d like to offer you some resources to
better help you understand some of the terminology and resources that may be relevant
to your organization. For a more thorough understanding, please contact BridgeHR
today so we can link you with a consultant for a FREE 30-minute consultation!


Please be advised, as many governments work to tackle COVID-19, it is important that we all do our part to responsibly #StayHome and practice #SocialDistancing! Know that our consultants will be leveraging any tools and technology to connect with you virtually during this time. Should you require support in-person, we will follow local legislation and healthcare guidelines to schedule these meetings with you. If your business requires any support in drafting, building and communicating any work-from-home or telecommuting policies, reach out today so we can help!

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